The company

In 2000 the International pianorama team was founded in Schüpfen nearby Bern in Switserland.
The Swiss 'pianobaumeister'Jean Claude Heafliger took the initiative to form a group of international
pianobuilders / designers to rebuilt afodable European pianos and grand pianos. He found his partners in
Taiwan, Singapore, Italy, Switserland and in the Netherlands. All participants have a long history and a good reputation 
in building professional instruments.

Since 2000 over 20.000 instruments have found their way to concerthalls, conservatory, music schools and livingrooms.
The Swiss pianorama-team gets international recognition for their success. Our exclusive instruments are sold all over the world.


Romhildt-Weimar RW25T

Romhildt-Weimar RW47-M

Romhildt-Weimar RW47

Romhildt-Weimar Design

Römhildt-Weimar T2

Romhildt-Weimar RW-187


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The Netherlands
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