About Romhildt Weimar


Since June 2010 Römhildt-Weimar pianos are built under licence of the Swiss international pianorama teamp. The re-development of the beautifull brand is the latest project of this international team of pianobuilders / designers.

Römhildt-Weimar, built in the traditional way

To create a warm authentic typical European sound our pianodesigners  did a very good job. 
All Römhildt-Weimar instruments have a solid Spruce Italian ciresa or German soundboard. The soundboard is known as the hart of every acoustic instrument. The solid spruce soundboard in combination with the German Röslau strings and German Abel hammerheads Römhildt-Weimar instruments sound very authentic.  
Römhildt-Weimar produces several models. All models are available in a black and white finish. The use of first-class traditional materials makes Römhildt-Weimar pianos sound like traditional European pianos. The sound can be discibed as warm,briljant and above all dynamic. In the Benelux Acustica Piano's & vleugels in Breda is the exclusive distributor of Römhildt-Weimar. Acustica is since  2000 an appreciated and respected member of  the international pianorama-team.


Romhildt-Weimar RW25T

Romhildt-Weimar RW47-M

Romhildt-Weimar RW47

Romhildt-Weimar Design

Römhildt-Weimar T2

Romhildt-Weimar RW-187


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